Maybe it's not about becoming everything you can be.

Maybe it's about un-becoming everything that is not you.

Source Unkown


The quote above explains how I feel about creating art - taking away everything that doesn’t belong and revealing the simplest, most elegant beauty. I read that Michelangelo had a similar approach. He explained that he created the magnificent sculpture David by carving away everything that wasn’t David.


My reaction when I first encountered special production art glass was a sense of awe. Perfect! I saw in each piece a personality with colors, textures, and glossy shine that seemed impossibly beautiful. The beauty of the glass was already in the simplest, purest form. My only job was to figure out how to integrate this incredible substance into artwork without adding any diminishing distractions. 

I spent three years and much heartbreak (emphasis on break) to perfect a technique to create three-dimensional wall art. To my knowledge, no one else in the world has accomplished, or maybe even attempted to create this type of glass artwork.